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A friend of mine, Mindy, recently asked me to design business cards for her local {Cincinnati, Ohio} food blog Go There, Try That.

Mindy & I met on a mission trip to New Orleans with Crossroads Church in July 2015. Mindy is a such, energetic woman! We taught a class of sixth grade boys and girls together with her husband and a few others. It was a crazy group, but it was a lot of fun, and definitely rewarding work.


I was known as Cash Money by the kids….obviously (honestly, I don’t even remember how I got the nickname). They even made me a headband to celebrate the nickname.


I was honored and excited when Mindy asked me to custom design her business card, and we ended up with a bright and colorful tribal pattern, very reflective of her bright personality! 🙂


I also recently wrote a guest blog for Mindy about Sleepy Bee Cafe, one of my all time favorite brunch spots. You can check out the post here!

Thanks, Mindy!



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