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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Miranda, a beautiful soul who oozes peace, grace, gentleness, and compassion wherever she goes. She has gone back to school to become a health & lifestyle coach and asked me to take some professional photos for her soon-to-launch website. I’ve known Miranda since my sophomore year at Xavier University in 2010. We were both on the leadership team with Navigators, a collegiate ministry. Man, 5 years really flies by.


We met at Ault Park because, well, it’s pretty. It has this awesome staircase leading up to what I call the “castle” (I know, such a technical term. And totally not accurate. But… it’s much more fun to call it that than whatever the real name is.) Then we grabbed brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, Sleepy Bee Cafe.



When I asked her about her personal style, she said “oh, I’m like a bohemian fairy!” YES. I love it.

She’s a natural model, you guys. What a beautiful person, inside and out. Thanks for the lady time, my dear.



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